Truly Heal Certified

In 2015 I was certified in the Truly Heal™ method of coaching, created by Marcus Fruedenmann and Sabrina Freudenmann ND.  They spent years traveling the world visiting cancer clinics.  Their focus was on natural non-toxic treatments that improve health and reduce disease.  From this they learned what works and what does not work for treating cancer and reducing chronic illness, as well as techniques for maintaining health.  They have compiled a wealth of information much of it free and available online at:

For someone that is not well, I offer the Truly Heal™ program which uses a functional medicine approach.  That means looking at the whole person.  It begins with testing for deficiencies and toxicities.  This initial information guides the treatment plan.  Improving nutritional status and decreasing toxic load are important components of the work.  Additionally the program includes looking for stress and challenges in all areas of life. 

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By exploring a person’s strengths and weakness, an individualized program for resolution is created that best suits the client.  Although improving the health status of the sick is how the program began, no one has to wait until they are not feeling well to learn to incorporate these practices.  The principles of Truly Heal are beneficial for health maintenance with the ultimate goal of empowering people to stay vibrant. 

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