Tapping Websites

People often ask me what tapping websites I recommend so I put together the following list:

Helping veterans with PTSD.  Watch the short video.

This is the web site of Gary Craig, developer of basic EFT tapping as we know it today. He has a newsletter, that I have subscribed to, and he frequently comes out with worthwhile videos.

At this site you will find information on many of the studies that show the effectiveness of EFT.  Dawson Church Ph.D. writes a newsletter with many excellent articles are on a variety of topics, contributed by many EFT experts.

This is the site of Nick Ortner, the author of the movie and the book “The Tapping Solution”, Jessica Ortner author of "The Tapping Solution For Weight Loss and Body Confidence". They are the creators of the Tapping World Summit. The summit is a FREE annual event which runs for six to ten days in February, featuring experts giving audio demonstrations of tapping on all kinds of issues. Subscribe to his website for information on upcoming summits. Nick Ortner lives in Newtown, CT, where there was a school shooting in December 2012. Using EFT to help with the trauma, his group developed a “catastrophe” protocol for other disastrous events.

TappingIntoWealth.com or MargaretMLynch.com
Margaret M. Lynch is a financial and wealth tapping expert. She has lots of free videos. One 9 minute video I often recommend is, “Make an Angry Jerk Disappear”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gH7Gd0VUNdg
I have been certified by Margaret Lynch as a Tapping Into Wealth Coach.  This work is transformative for more than just your money.  Contact me to learn more.  

Carol Look is an abundance expert. She teaches people how to overcome limiting beliefs to reach their goals using EFT.

Mastering the Practice of EFT and Meditation
Patricia Carrington Ph.D developed the “Choices Method” of EFT. In place of the part of the usual setup statement which includes, “I deeply and completely love and accept myself...” you make a positive choice. This method allows people to be very specific and to focus on the positive.

Mercola.com EFT
Though not an EFT practitioner, Dr. Mercola loves EFT. Log on to see a short video demonstration of the tapping points. (Beginners Guide To Tapping: https://www.facebook.com/doctor.health/videos/10156283633210590/?v=10156283633210590).  Dr Mercola is an educator on topics including: diet, nutrition, lifestyle and complementary and integrative medicine. Dr. Mercola is one reference I recommend when my students, clients and others ask me for information on healthy living.

These links are free and like all web sites, these people are trying to sell their products or their practice. They share a lot of information that I hope you will learn from and enjoy.