"I called Casey because of some hormonal fluctuations that were making me crazy and unable to control my emotions especially around my menstrual cycle time. Since taking the homeopathic remedy, she recommended, I feel so good. I have so much patience and I feel great. I have been in situations where (before taking the remedy) I would have lost it. I have so much more patience now. I am so happy! I am thankful for Casey's guidance and advice."  Ida Ovies


Since EFT, PL says: 
“I am off my antidepressants.” 
“My stomach pain is gone.” 

“I drove right past the donut store where I usually stop.” 
“EFT makes me feel euphoric.”

”I actually felt lighter and more at peace during the following days.” - SP

“I slept like a baby.” - RR

After two classes and some internet research a student writes, “I feel I am rapidly becoming very adept at it [EFT]!  I am still not the least bit interested in butter, so I’m continuing to also stay away from all the things I have been eating to excess just because they are “butter vehicles”, bread, bagels, rice, potatoes, things fried in a lot of butter, etc.  I have also been using the “overeating tapping” that you used in class this past Monday and that’s been helping as well.  I feel better than I have in a long time, both mentally and physically.”

My eye experience:  "My eyes were watering, red, itchy and burning.  I went to the doctor’s and was put on drops for pink eye.  After 10 days nothing had changed.  If anything, they felt worse.  They recommended I go to my eye doctor.  I went six weeks in a row and was put on different drops each time.  I didn’t have luck with ANY of the drops and had an allergic reaction to most of them.  My eyes seemed to be getting worse.  They also put dye in my eyes each visit.  I did hot and cold compresses, but nothing worked.  After my sixth visit, they said they were not getting better (no kidding) and there wasn’t anything else they could do for me.  I was literally in tears and called Casey about homeopathy.  We went through my symptoms and came up with a homeopathic remedy for me to try.  After one use my eyes were feeling better.  After two, I was completely fine!!!  I was so overwhelmed I cannot even describe my emotions.  Thank you Casey.  I am getting emotional just remembering this!"  - Sue Connelly


"I decided to try EFT as something of a last resort to help me deal with being an alienated parent. The anger, frustration, overwhelming sadness, disappointment, rage and helplessness that surrounds losing your child to parental alienation is truly the worst thing I have ever experienced. Learning how to let go of my child while sustaining some sort of emotional equilibrium was an impossible task for me; it was negatively affecting every aspect of my life.

When I tried EFT, I was not really expecting dramatic results but I figured it couldn't hurt.

Casey was very easy to talk to and I was able to share my story and express the emotions I was feeling. Casey was a great listener and teacher, leading me thru the EFT process. It felt kind of silly at first, repeating after her and tapping away, but her questions and her non-judgmental responses really helped me access deeper levels of emotion that I was trying to avoid. After the session, I can't say I really felt any different...I was tired and took a nap as soon as I got home, but I didn't really notice any changes....It took me about 2 months after our session to realize that something had indeed shifted for me.... it just isn't as debilitating and I can handle the continuing emotional battering with much more equilibrium. I can focus on what’s important to me and not be side tracked by the overwhelming emotional distress.... I really feel it worked for me. I would recommend EFT as an adjunct to any sort of therapy, and refer any of my clients to Casey for EFT in helping them deal with their emotional crises. I don't get exactly how it works, but it is noninvasive, relatively quick and affordable and most importantly, effective."




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