Traffic Light Tapping - Sign Up Here

Did you ever wish you had a magic wand you could wave when things got tense, stressful or overwhelming?  Traffic Light Tapping is the next best thing. 

I have taught this quick and easy Tapping technique to over 100 people.  Traffic Light Tapping is a first aid tool we can use to help ourselves or others.  Sign up here for a free, live 15 minute private Zoom session.  

Tapping has been clinically proven to eliminate pain, anxiety, panic, even PTSD.  It enhances weight loss and athletic performance.  If you are not familiar with Tapping, I am excited to teach you this easy technique.  

If you are familiar with Tapping you will appreciate the simplicity of this procedure.  It is so simple, a child can learn it.  It is silent tapping so there are no worries about what to say.  If you've ever avoided tapping because you felt it was too complicated, this technique is for you.

Sign up here for a free 15 minute Zoom session.  If you prefer a group session, feel free to bring others to the call.