Casey's Story

When Casey was in her teens, her mother was being treated for cancer with chemotherapy. During these treatments her mother temporarily went blind and was bed-ridden, not from the disease, but from the side effects of the drugs. Even at that young age, Casey recognized that better treatments had to be available, this started her experimenting with organic and healthy foods, setting her up to be more open to the alternative therapies she would encounter later in life.

Years later, her son had recurring ear infections, and doctors repeatedly told her to put him on antibiotics. This helped him for the short term, but did nothing to decrease his susceptibility. Again she thought that there had to be a better way. With the help of a trained homeopath, her son healed rapidly and lost his susceptibility. This jump started Casey to begin actively learning about alternative therapies and began her training in homeopathy that would lead her to many new modalities. Continuing to look for ways that optimize health on all levels, Casey uses a broad definition of health to look at the entire person, rather than a narrow symptom based focus.

This journey has introduced Casey to many powerful integrative healing modalities; her areas of expertise are in homeopathic medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), and nutrition for optimal health. She has studied homeopathy, completing a two year certificate course at the New England School of Homeopathy, and has gone on to do several additional years of training with clinical emphasis. She is an AAMET and Tapping Into Wealth certified practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This is her passion, which she uses to treat a variety of needs with a broad spectrum of patients. Casey has been successful helping people with a diverse array of issues including blocks around earning, PTSD, anxiety, fears, phobias, dietary, weight loss, acute and chronic pain, Lyme's, autism, medication side effects and self esteem and relationship issues.

Casey used EFT to help overcome her own sugar addiction (emphasis on ice cream) which led to unhealthy eating habits and resulted in cycles of weight gain followed by her annual spring time struggle to lose weight.  Without those spring time restrictions, she imagines her weight could have easily been so much more.  This struggle with food has given her an understanding of how easy it is to gain weight to the point of ill health, poor body image and even despair.  She realized she was putting too much negative focus on food and diet and that was taking away from her own emotional freedom.  She finally had the tool to make it easy.  Casey knew there was so much more to life and used EFT to break the cycle.      

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