Meet Casey

Casey Hammond RN is a wellness and weight loss coach who works with people who want change. She helps them to set goals, overcome obstacles and take the easiest route to achieving success. Time and time again Casey’s clients surmount obstacles and triumph over issues they have been struggling with, sometimes for long periods of time. Casey believes that we all have the ability to achieve our dreams and desires. She knows from firsthand experience that a knowledgeable, objective, supportive, insightful coach can eliminate a lot of wasted time and effort.

Casey is a lifelong learner. She has been teaching, coaching, writing and speaking for nearly 20 years. She has been published in “Homeopathy Today Magazine”.

Her classes include: “Weight Loss Without Willpower”, “Freedom From Pain”, “Kick Butts”, "Tapping Into Wealth" and “Homeopathy for Colds, Flu and First Aid”.

Some of her recent talks include:
~Super Charge Your Income and Your Life With An Outrageous Goal
~Create Your Confidential Money Map
~Retrain Your Brain To Celebrate Progress (Get More Done and Have More Energy)
~Conquer A Craving
~Conquer Your Clutter

Casey has helped people lose weight, conquer cravings, easily create U turns in their diet, lifestyle and relationships, eliminate pain and anxiety, increase their income and reach their health and wellness goals. Her certifications include:

Tapping Into Wealth™
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT International)
Truly Heal™ Cancer Coaching
Registered Nurse
Trained Homeopathic Consultant

She has been married since 1981, has two grown children and has been a Cape Cod resident for over 40 years. Outside of her passion for coaching Casey enjoys organic gardening, walking in Nickerson State Park, spending time with family and friends, creating community, swimming, bike riding, learning, and listening to books on tape.

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