TED Talks

I love TED Talks and love introducing people to them.  They are generally less than 20 minutes long.  Here are a few of my favorites. Which are your favorites?  

"How To Make Stress Your Friend", Kelly McGonigal:

It's not the stress that gets us, it's how we react to the stress.



"The Gift and Power of Emotional Courage",  Susan David:

The value of feeling and experiencing all of our emotions.



"The Hidden Code For Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality", Mary Morrissey

If you can picture it, it is possible.



"Life's Third Act", Jane Fonda

The value and wisdom we bring to our later years and why we should make the most of it.



"A Guerrilla Gardener In South Central LA", Ron Finley

How growing a garden can be a rebellious and radical act.