Homeopathy Info/Pricing

Here is additional information, if you are interested in a homeopathic consultation.

I treat people for both acute and chronic (constitutional) issues. 

For acute problems such as colds, flu and first aid, my hourly rate is $90.  

For chronic issues I ask for detailed information be supplied to me before we meet.  After I receive this intake paperwork we will meet for an in person or Zoom appointment.  For an adult this is 90 minutes.  For a child, I have a 30+ minute phone conversation with the parent or guardian prior to a 30-60 minute in-person or Zoom appointment with the child (preferably in person).  These times may vary depending on the age of the child.  After that I take some time to research what homeopathic remedy will be the best fit. 

After starting the remedy, I like to have a quick check in phone call after 7-10 days.  This is followed by a one month check in.  The cost for the appointments, my research time and the two additional check ins is $250.  

For more information about me, my qualifications, and how I practice, click here: Homeopathic Consent Form.

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Health is our greatest asset. 



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